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The first turbine version, the AT-302 aircraft was fitted with a 400 gallon hopper and a PT6A-15AG turbine and first flown in December 1979 as the AT-400. Eighty-six of the AT-400 were produced until 1987. These aircraft had a 45-ft wingspan, fitted with steel spar caps and reinforced leading edges. The fuselage initially remained the same. A 400 gallon hopper became the standard, and all metal elevators and rudder replaced the fabric covering. N8888S first flew in December 1986 and deliveries began the following June.

The redesigned AT-301 wing received a redesigned fuselage and 600 hp to produce the AT-401 (R-1340).

The AT-401A was also offered, powered by the Polish PZL R3S of 592 hp and first flew in October 1989.

The turbine version, the AT-402, first flew in December 1988 as N1005V, powered by a PT6A-15AG of 680 hp, and the wingspan was increased to 49 ft, and then to 51 ft, for the later B models (incorporating Hoerner wingtips). Deliveries of the AT-402 commencing in March 1989. The operating weight for both the 401/402 models was 7800 lbs.

A reduced horsepower version of the 402B, first flown in January 1990- N10189 - was introduced in June 1997, designated AT-402A, fitted with the smaller PT6A-20 of 550 hp and with a 320 gallon hopper.

Eighty-six AT-400 and AT-400A aircraft were built between 1979 and 1987.

Engine: PT6A-15AG, 680 shp
Hopper cap: 400 USG
Max Op weight: 7800 lb


Engine: PT6A-15AG, 680 shp
Wingspan: 45 ft


Engine: R-1340, 600 hp
Wingspan: 49 ft
MAUW: 7860 lb
Hopper cap: 400 USG

Engine: R-1340, 600 hp
Wingspan: 51 ft

Engine: PT6A-15AG, 500 shp
Wingspan: 49 ft

Engine: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-11AG, 550 hp
Wing span: 49 ft
Length: 29 ft 6 in
Empty wt: 3739 lb
Operating wt: 7860 lb

Engine: PT6A-15AG, 680 shp
Wingspan: 51 ft 6 in
Length: 29 ft 6 in


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