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On the drawing boards at the same time as the 401/402 development, was a two seat, long range sprayer powered with a P&W PT6A-45R of 1100 hp, and fitted with a five bladed prop for quietness. The airframe was lengthened by fourteen inches and a 500 gallon hopper installed. The wingspan was 48 feet and, as the model AT-503, N7309X first flew in April 1986. The machine was intended for use in the US State Department’s narcotics eradication programme. However the aircraft went to Spain in 1989 for use in the fire bombing and agricultural role.

Not far behind the AT-503, was the AT-501 and AT-502, both with a wingspan of 50 feet. The AT-501, was powered by a geared P&W 600 hp R-1340-53H1-G, driving a three blade propeller. The variant was thought to be an option for an increased hopper load but with the cheaper piston engine. The first example was first flown in January 1987 as N7314C, but only nine were subsequently sold, and the development was set aside for production of the AT-502.

The Air Tractor AT-502, N7314D serial 0003, was first flown in April 1987. N7391L was first to enter service in February 1988. The aircraft were single seaters on quite long undercarriage legs. The same fuselage as the AT-501 from the firewall back, provision had to be made for the 11 foot diameter of the piston engine propeller. The engine for the AT-502 is the PT6A-15AG of 680HP, the same as the AT-402. The airframe has also been certified for installation of the PT6A-34AG of 750 hp, however very few examples have been fitted at the factory. The weights for the AT-502 are 4200 lbs empty and 9200 lbs operating.

The AT-502A model was first flown in January 1992 and is powered by a PT6A-4S of 1100 HP. To compensate the big engine, it has the larger fin and rudder of the AT-802. The operating weight is 10400 lbs.

N1558P was first flown in July 1992, the first AT-502B. Introduced in November 1993, it is the standard 502 with Hoerner wing tips extending the wing span by two more feet. The operating weight increases from 9200 to 9700 lbs. The engine is still the PT6A-15AG, but can easily fitted with -15, -27, -28, or -34AG variants as supplied by the customer. Up until January 1995, two hundred and seventy-six AT-500 series had been produced.

The AT-503A was a two seat trainer which didn’t fly until September 1990. The AT-503A uses many fuselage parts of the AT-502 and the same 50 foot wing but has the PT6A-34AG engine fitted. The rear cockpit has the same dimensions as an AT-401 and is set up exactly the same as the front cockpit, including hopper controls.

Engine: PT6A-15AG, 680 shp
Wingspan: 50 ft
Hopper Cap: 500 USG
Length: 32.5 ft
Empty weight: 4200 lb
Operating weight: 9200 lb

Engine: PT6A-45R, 1100 hp @ 1700 rpm
Propeller: Hartzell 3 blade, reversing
Wing span: 52.0 ft
Wing area: 312 sq. ft.
Operating weight: 10400 lb
Landing weight: 8,000 lb
Empty weight: 4,570 lb
Useful Load: 5,910 lb
Hopper capacity: 500 U.S. gallons
Fuel capacity: 216 U.S. gallons
Never exceed speed: 176 mph

Engine: PT6A-34AG, 750 shp
Wingspan: 52 ft
Wing area: 312 sq.ft
Length: 32 ft 6 in
MAUW: 9700 lb
Hopper Cap: 500 USG

Engine: PT6A-15AG, 680 shp
Wingspan: 50 ft


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