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Yakolev Yak-130 / AEM-130


Through a joint programme with Yakolev of Russia, Aermacchi is assisting in developing the Yak/AEM-130 to meet the Russian Air Force's requirement to replace the L-29 and L-39. The aircraft is equipped with a quadruplex fly-by-wire flight control system and will be required to fulfil a broad range of tasks: from basic flying training to weapons training and aircraft carrier deck training. The aircraft are equipped with wingtip- and pylon mounted AAMs with a roulette and sensor pod also fitted.




The joint Italian/Russian Yak-130 technology development programme ran from April 1996 to December 1999, accumulating some 300hr flying. The two seat Yak-130 fighter/trainer was exported as the AEM-130.

The Yak-130 became all Italian in 1998 and served as a basis for the Aermacchi M-346.





Engine: 2 x Klimov RD-35, 22kN
Max take-off weight: 5400-6200 kg / 11905 - 13669 lb
Wingspan: 10.6 m / 35 ft 9 in
Length: 11.3 m / 37 ft 1 in
Height: 4.8 m / 16 ft 9 in
Wing area: 17.6 sq.m / 189.44 sq ft
Max. speed: 1000 km/h / 621 mph
Ceiling: 12500 m / 41000 ft
Range: 1850 km / 1150 miles
Crew: 2

Yakolev Yak-130



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