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SIAI-Marchetti S.211


Probably the first trainer to employ a supercritical wing section, the intention of the private venture design was to combine low unit cost with advanced technology and utilising the PWC 1T15D turbofan.

The first prototype of Siai Marchetti's S.211 two-seat basic trainer powered by a single Pratt & Whitney JT15D4C turbofan of 2,500 lb (1134 kg) was flown on 10 April 1981 at Milan-Malpensa airport with Siai Marchetti's chief test pilot, Cmdte Alessandro Ghisleni, at the controls. Five further flight tests were made during the following week.

The type was being developed as an "attack-optimised" trainer with a light-weight HUD and navigation computer in association with the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

Also under test in a production S.211 was the -5 version of the JT15D, offering 3190 lbs thrust with a dry weight 50 kg more than the -4C fit.

An S.211A was test flown with a PWC JT15D-5 turbofan, providing 3200 lbs of thrust (2500 lbs from the -4C) for an additional 50 kgs of dry weight. As well as the 28 percent in-crease in thrust, designed to make the S.211A more competitive with close contender MB339 at the top end of the scale, the aircraft has a stronger wing and a greater fuel capacity, boosted to 1440 lbs. The reinforced wing structure is to +7.33 and -3G's.

Singapore Aircraft Industries (SAI) continues to assemble S.211 single-turbofan two seat basic trainers for the Rebublic of Singapore Air Force, which has ordered 30 aircraft, in 1987. Six of these were delivered in CKD form for reas-sembly by SAI, while the remainder are being delivered in kit form for complete assembly in Singapore. Haiti is the only other confirmed customer for the S.211.

Siai-Marchetti (as part of the Agusta group) teamed with Grumman as a contender for the USAF's PATS (Primary Aircraft Training System) requirement for a lightweight, low-cost basic trainer and attack aircraft.


Customers to 1990 were the Philippines (18), where the type is being assembled by PADC, Singapore (30), where a similar arrangement involves SAI, Haiti (4) and Uganda (4).


In 1990 the PADC in the Philippines started assembling S 211s, followed by SF 260 TPWs and SF 600 Canguro in agreement with SIAI Marchetti of Italy.

It can carry external loads of four underwing pylons although the difference between clean gross weight and maximum take-off weight is only 1323 lb with the -4C engine.

Engine: 1 x Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-4C turbofan, 2,500 lb st (1134 kgp)
Span: 8.43 m / 28 ft 8 in
Length: 9.5 m / 31 ft 7 in
Wing area: 12.6 sq.m / 135.63 sq ft
Height: 3.8 m / 12 ft 6 in
Empty wt: 1645 kg
MTOW: 3100 kg
TO wt clean: 6000 lb
Warload: 660 kg
Max speed: 452 kt, 667 kph / 413 mph
Initial ROC: 1280 m / min
Ceiling: 12,200 m / 40000 ft
T/O run: 390 m
Ldg run: 360 m
Fuel internal: 800 lt
Range/Endurance: 2480 km / 3hr 50min
Combat radius hi-lo-hi: 550 km
Hardpoints: 4
Loading limit: 3.5G
Fuel burn: 700 lbs/hr
Ejection seat: zero/zero
Crew: 1-2


SIAI-Marchetti S.211


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