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Rihn DR-109


Dan Rihn’s Rihn 109 is a two-place tandem designed for aerobatic training, unlimited competition and airshow performances. Capable of handling Lycoming engines from 200 to 300 hp, the new design is said to feature excellent visibility, feath-erweight controls, a roll rate in excess of 360 degrees/second, and a load limit of +/- l0 G.


Construction of the DR-109 is a welded steel tube fuselage and tail group with fabric covering, fibreglass cowl, plywood covered wings, and a one piece spring steel gear. The wings feature Douglas Fir box spars and plywood ribs. The seats are adjustable in both the forward and rearward positions.

The Rihn 109 is designed with gyroscopic manoeuvres in mind.

Aircraft Spruce was selling the 109 in seven subkits. In 1996 the cost for the complete kit was US$50,000.

Engine: Lycoming, 200 hp
HP range: 200-300
Height: 5.5 ft
Length: 22 ft
Wing span: 24 ft
Wing area: 114 sq.ft
Fuel capacity: 30 USG
Empty weight: 1260 lb
Gross weight: 1950 lb
Top speed: 205 mph
Stall: 59 mph
Cruise: 168 mph
Range: 500 sm
Takeoff dist: 600 ft
Landing dist: 1500 ft
Seats: 2
Landing gear: tailwheel


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