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Security-National S-1 Airster
Security-American S-1 Airster
Security-National S-1-A
The S-1 Airster designed by Bert Kinner was a folding wing, side-by-side evolution of the Kinner Sportster. First flying on 1 May 1933 (piloted by Lee Brusse) they received ATC 521 and were priced at $1,985.
Two were built as S-1, NX217Y and NC13702, and 12 as S-1-A, NC13743, NC13746, NC13792 to 13794, NC14227 to 14232, and NC14293.
Security-National S-1-A NC14229
ATC 2-451 was received for gross weight change on prototype NX/NC217Y and NC13702
About five 1937 S-1-B Airster were built with ATC 705, including NC15536 and NC18135, priced at $2,995. The prototype, NX/NC18967, was built as a class project at the Warren School of Aviation in Los Angeles
Security-American S-1-B NX28967
S-1 / S-1-A Airster
Engine: 100hp Kinner K-5
Wingspan: 40'0"
Length: 23'11"
Useful load: 555 lb
Max speed: 100 mph
Cruise: 88 mph
Stall: 35 mph
Range: 300 mi
Ceiling: 14,000'
Seats: 2
S-1-B Airster
Engine: 125hp Security-Kinner S-125
Wingspan: 40'0"
Length: 23'10"
Useful load: 625 lb
Max speed: 90 m[h
Cruise: 80 mph
Stall: 38 mph
Range: 305 mi
Ceiling: 15,000'
Seats: 2
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