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Socata TBM 700


Launched in June 1987, the TBM 700 is a pressurised single-engined business aircraft developed by TBM International, formed by Socata (France) and Mooney (USA): Valmet (Finland) joined the programme in 1988. Production is split between the partners for assembly in France. The long nose cowling houses a 700 shp (522 kW) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-40/1 turboprop driving a four-bladed propeller. Three were built, the first of which made its initial flight on 14 July 1988, and production aircraft were flying by 1990.

The engine in the TBM-700A is classified as a large PT6A, the "dash 64" which is derived from the -67 gas generator and the -42 propeller gearbox. The gas generator operates at about half power and the gearbox should never see more than 82 per cent of its rated capacity as the TBM 700 installation calls for only a 700 h.p. output. The fuel control unit stops the engine producing more than about 800 h.p. and the pilot, by observing the torque and temperature limits, limits the output to 700 h.p. The TBM 700A aerofoil RA16-43 is the same computer designed, wind tunnel tested wing of the ATR 42 and ATR 72 regional airliners. In the TBM 700A's role as an executive aircraft it is superb with its comfortable cabin, its pressurisation (6.2 psi diff.) that can maintain a sea level cabin to 14,500 ft aircraft altitude and an 8,000 ft cabin at 29,000 ft. It's fast, it has excellent airfield capability.

The TBM 700C2 aircraft can cruise at over 30,000 feet at 225 knots, has a range of 1,565 run (with a 45-minute reserve), and is fitted with dual Garmin GNS 530. The GNS 530 combines IFR GPS receivers with large colour moving maps and has a digital 3,040-channel communication system and ART RDR 2000 weather radar.

The TBM 700S features a 3 ft 7 in longer fuselage.

Engine: PT6A-40/1
Empty weight: 3282 lb
Wing span: 37.07 ft

Engine: PT6A-64, 700 shp
Wing span: 39.87 ft
Length: 34' 3"
Height: 13' 9"
Cabin Length: 13' 3"
Empty Weight: 4,025 lb
Max ramp weight: 6,614 lbs/ 3,000 kg
Max T.O. weight: 6,579 lbs/ 2,985 kg
Max landing weight: 6,520 lbs/ 2,597 kg
Max zero fuel weight: 5,783 lbs/ 2,623 kg
Useful Load: 2,554 lb
Fuel Capacity: 282 USgallons
Baggage Capacity: 330 lb
T/O dist (50ft): 2131 ft (650m)
Ldg dist(50ft): 2000 ft (610m)
Max. Speed: 300 knots
Cruise speed: 295 kts
Fuel Burn (Idle): 29 USGPH
Normal Fuel Burn: 52 GPH
Range (at 300 kts, 26,000 ft with 45 min reserve): 1,330 nm 4 POB
Range (at 300 kts, 26,000 ft with 45 min reserve): 954 nm 6 POB 60 kg baggage
Range (at 240 kts, 30,000 ft with 45 min reserve): 1,650 nm 4 POB
Range (at 240 kts, 30,000 ft with 45 min reserve): 1,170 nm 6 POB 60 kg baggage
Climb Rate (S.L./SA, 5,512 Ibs/2500 kg 2,380 ft/min
Service Ceiling: 30,000'
Stall speed: (ldg flap @ 5,512 lbs) 57 kts, (0 flap@ 6,579 lbs) 76 kt
Crosswind limit: 20 kt
Vd Maximum diving speed: 320 KCAS
Vmo No Mach limit S.L. to 30,000 ft: 270 KCAS
Noise Level (dB): 73.9


TBM 700S

Engine: 852 shp
Pax capacity: 6


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