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Tupolev ANT-25


In 1924, Pavel Sukhoi joined the Central Aero and Hydrodynamic Institute, or TsAGI, collaborating in the design of the ANT-25. Design teams headed by P O Sukhoi and A A Arkhangelski but under Tupolev's general direction, were responsible before the second World War for a series of high- speed and long-range bombers, including the ANT-25 (RD).



The ANT-25 was of conventiomal all-metal construction with additional fabric covering on the wings, lacquered and highly polished for maximum efficiency. The wing had a 10:1 aspect ratio and external chordwise ribbing. Engine was 900-1000 hp AM-3R liquid cooled V-12 with cooling system specialy modified for best cold weather operation. The narrow fuselage had cockpit fitted with blind flying instruments, but no autopilot. Next aft was a bunk, then navigator’s station, then second cockpit with full controls. Complete navigation and radio gear was carried. Cabin heat was supplied from exhaust system heat exchanger. Crew had oxygen system and emergencyequipment including three inflatable floation bags in wing and nose, inflatable rubber raft, electrically heated floation suits and a month’s rations stowed in wing leading edge compartments.

The first prototype flew on June 22, 1933.


On June 18-20, 1937 RD piloted by Chkalov, Baidukov and Beljakov flew non-stop from Moscow to Portland (USA), covering 9130km in 63 hours and 25 minutes.

On July 12-14, 1937 RD piloted by Gromov, Yumashev and Danilin flew non-stop from Moscow via the North Pole to San Jacinto (USA), covering 11500km in 62 hours and 17 minutes.

A total of 2 aircraft were built, followed by 20 ANT-36s.


Engine: 1 x M-34
Max take-off weight: 11500 kg / 25353 lb
Empty weight: 4200 kg / 9259 lb
Wingspan: 34.0 m / 112 ft 7 in
Length: 13.9 m / 46 ft 7 in
Height: 5.5 m / 18 ft 1 in
Wing area: 87.9 sq.m / 946.15 sq ft
Max. speed: 210 km/h / 130 mph
Cruise speed: 165 km/h / 103 mph
Ceiling: 7000 m / 22950 ft
Range w/max.fuel: 13000 km / 8078 miles
Crew: 3


Tupolev ANT-25 / RD




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