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Aero Tovarna A.11 / A.12 / A.29

The Aero A-11 type came into existence by fitting an 240 Walter W-IV engine in the Aero 12 airframe. This aircraft was buing built until 1930 year and used by the Czechoslovak Air Force in recce-, training- ground attack- and bomber versions. Observer armed by one rearward-firing machine gun and pilot by a fixed synchronized one.
The Aero A.11 was for the Czech Army Air Force in the interwar years between World War One and World War Two. The A.11 was designed from the outset as a multi-purpose airframe and would see no fewer than 20 different variant types since first flying in 1923.
Aero A-12 bomber
The A.11 pilot and gunner sat in tandem along the box-type fuselage. The biplane wing structure was fitted just in front and around the pilot's position with the single liquid-cooled engine mounted forward. A single .303 caliber machine gun was fitted for self defence.
The Aero A.11 was seen in its typically reconnaissance platforms but was adept to day or night bombing. Other notable variants would go on to include a target tug (in the form of the A.29) and several day and night bombers of similar design.
Aero A-12 catching fire on startup
The A.29 target-tug variant would also form the basis for the first Czech sea-operating float plane.
440 were built.
Aero A-11.117 Equipped with exhaust-flame dampers for night-time flights


Aero A.11
Engine: 1 x Walter W.IV 8-cylinder liquid-cooled, 240hp
Length: 26.90 ft (8.2 m)
Span: 41.90 ft (12.77 m)
Height: 10.17 ft (3.10 m)
Empty Weight: 3,263 lbs (1,480 kg)
Maximum Speed: 133 mph (214 kmh; 116 kts)
Maximum Range: 466 miles (750 km)
Service Ceiling: 23,600 ft (7,193 m)
Range: 750 km
Armament: 1 x 7.62 mm machine gun
Accommodation: 2
Aero A.12
Engine: Maybach Mb-IV, 240 hp
Span: 12.80 m
Length: 8.34 m
Empty weight: 1080 kg
Maximum speed: 200 kph
Service ceiling: 7500 m
Range: 760 km
Armament : A fixed synchronized machine gun  and one firing rearward
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