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Alpi Aviation Pioneer 330 Acro


Developed in 2004, the Pioneer 330 Acro basic level aircraft trainer is designed to be equipped with the inverted flight engine kit for the Rotax 912S and a smoke system.
Based on the P300 structure, the P330 has been strengthened to reach from +9 g up to -4.5 g, giving +6 to –3 usable.
The wing has a pass through main spar and fully plywood skin covering, and a three axis trim system.

Engine: Rotax 912S
Propeller: Variable Pitch
Wing Span: 7.55 m
Wing Area: 10 sq.m
Fuselage Length: 6.25 m
Cabin Width: 1.05 m
Cabin Height: 1.05 m
Empty Operative Weight: 295 Kg
Maxium Takeoff Weight (Ulm): 450 Kg
Maximum Design Takeoff Weight: 530 Kg
Load Factors : +6 / -3 G
Tank Capacity: 80 lt (2 x 40 lt)
Auxiliary Tank Capacity: 22 lt
Payload Limit (Ulm): 165 Kg
Design Payload Limit: 245 Kg
Baggage Volume: 226 lt
Maximum Baggage Amount: 20 Kg
Maximum Level Speed: 270 Km/H
Cruise Speed (@ 75% Power): 240 Km/H
Stall Speed: 65 Km/H
Best ROC Speed : 120 Km/H
Best Angle Climb Speed: 100 Km/H
Best Rate Of Climb: 460 M/Min (1500 Ft/Min)
Roll Rate: 180°/Sec
Range @ 75% Power: 12.5:1
Range @ 75% Power With Auxiliary Tank: 1260 Km
Operative Ceiling Altitude: 6000 m
Take Off & Landing Ground Run: 120 m


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