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Societe Frangaise de Construction de Materiaux Speciaux

Arsenal de l'Aéronautique

Arsenal de l'Aéronautique (commonly named Arsenal) was a national military aircraft manufacturer established by the French Government in 1936 in 1936 in old Breguet factory at Villacoublay.

In the years before World War II, it developed a range of technically advanced fighter aircraft, but none of these were manufactured in sufficient quantities to be of any use against the German invasion.

Products were generally designated by initials of Vernisse (director) and Galtier (designer). VG 30 was lightweight fighter; VG 33 a more powerful development (200 ordered and many being assembled by June 1940). Arsenal-Delanne 10 was unorthodox tandem monoplane two-seater, flown 1941. Experimental work on fast and unorthodox aircraft resumed after war, when VB 10 fighter with tandem piston engines and contrarotating propellers was flown. VG 70 had German Junkers Jumo 004 turbojet; VG 90 was naval jet fighter; 5.501 a pilotless aircraft; 0.101 a research monoplane for testing aerofoil sections, spoilers, etc.

Following the war, Arsenal was relocated to Châtillon-sous-Bagneux, where it was privatised as SFECMAS (la Société Française d’Etude et de Constructions de Matériel Aéronautiques Spéciaux) in 1952.

In 1955 SFECMAS joined SNCAN to create Nord Aviation.

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