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Ambrosini S.A.I.207




Developed from the S.107 lightweight single-seat fighter and featuring a similar wooden structure with monocoque fuselage, the S.207 was essentially a more powerful, productionised version of the basic design.
The first of two prototypes of the S.207 was flown in 1940, and was powered by an Isotta-Fraschini Delta R.C.35 12-cylinder inverted-Vee air-cooled engine rated at 705hp.

The second prototype was powered by the R.C.40 version of the engine rated at 750hp at 4000m. In dives the S.A.I.207 attained an indicated air speed of 466 m.p.h. at 10,000 ft. (representing a true air speed of 596 m.p.h., or Mach 0.86), and maximum level speed was 357 m.p.h., with the 750 h.p.

Armament was two synchronised 12.7mm machine guns, and a pre-series of 12 S.207s was built during March-July 1943, several of these being assigned to the 83a Squadriglia (18° Gruppo, 3° Stormo) for evaluation, and six being assigned in August 1943 to the 162a and 163a squadriglie (161° Gruppo).
The Ministero dell'Aeronautica placed orders for 2,000 of the S.A.I.207 production version, but only 13 pre-production aircraft were completed, the order then being switched to the improved S.A.I.403 Dardo (Dart).

One pre-series S.207 was fitted with an armament of two 20mm cannon.


Engine: Isotta-Fraschini Delta R.C.35, 705hp

Engine: 1 x Isotta-Fraschini Delta HG 40, 559kW (750 hp).
Wingspan: 9m (29 ft 6.3 in)
Length: 8.02 m / 26 ft 4 in
Height: .40 m / 7 ft 10 in
Wing area: 13.90 sq.m / 149.62 sq ft
Empty weight: 1750 kg / 3858 lb
Max T/O weight: 2415 kg (5,324 lb).
Max speed: 398 mph at 14,765 ft
Operational range: 590 miles
Ceiling: 12000 m
Climb to 6000 m: 7 min 34 sec
Armament: 2 12,7 mm machine-guns
Max Dive speed: 960 km/h
Armament: 2 x 12.7-mm (0.5-in) mg.



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