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Ambrosini S1001 Grifo / S.1002 Trasimenus


Derived from the S.A.I.2S, the S.1001 was produced in two versions;
A four-seat tourer powered by a 130 hp Alfa 110, and
A two-seat military trainer powered by a 145 hp DH Gipsy Major 10.
In 1948 the S1001 Grifo broke more records.
The two seat S.1002 Trasimenus is essentially a variant of the S.1001 Grifo with a modified wing featuring increased span to 35 ft 9 in and area, and markedly increased dihedral. The fuselage of the Trasimenus is identical to that of the Grifo, and a 130 hp Alfa 110ter engine.
S.1001 Tourer
Engine: 130 hp Alfa 110
Wingspan: 32 ft 5.5 in
Length: 25 ft 7 in
Empty weight: 1543 lb
Loaded weight: 2340 lb
Max speed: 149 mph
Cruise: 130.5 mph
Seats: 4
S.1001 Military
Engine: 145 hp DH Gipsy Major 10
Seats: 2
S.1002 Trasimenus
Engine: 130 hp Alfa 110ter
Wingspan: 35 ft 9 in
Seats: 2
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