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Angel Technology HALO-Proteus

Scaled Composites Model 281 Proteus




Proteus is a twin turbofan high altitude multi mission aircraft powered by Williams International FJ44-2E engines first flown in July 1998. It is designed by Burt Rutan to carry payloads in the 2000-pound class to altitudes above 60,000 feet and remain on station up to 14 hours. Heavier payloads can be carried for shorter missions. It is intended for piloted as well as for UAV missions. Missions for Proteus include telecommunications, reconnaissance, atmospheric research, commercial imaging, and space launch.



The Proteus is designed with long wings and a low wing loading needed for efficient high altitude loiter. It excels in stability and low noise. It is capable of dynamic maneuvers, needed to operate in adverse conditions. The crisp, short takeoff and landing uses the unique "three-mains" landing gear design intended to increase crosswind and wet runway capability without the use of spoilers.




Engines: 2 x Williams/RR FJ44-2E turbofan, 2293 lb thrust.
Op alt: 60,000 ft.




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