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The Angel Aircraft Corporation (AAC) was started by Carl Mortenson, a pilot and aircraft mechanic with 56 years of aviation experience. Carl served with a mission aviation organization as a bush pilot/mechanic in South America. During this time, he was involved with many aircraft rebuilds, and he designed his first aircraft, the Evangel, for use in South America. He realized that there was a need for STOL aircraft and that there was a limited number from which to choose. This prompted Carl to endeavor to design an aircraft that could not only get into short rough airstrips, but that could also carry a good load and have the speed and safety of a high performance twin. Originally The King's Engineering Fellowship Model 44 Angel, developed by donations for missionary duties and designed by Carl Mortenson.

Carl was joined by his son Ed, who with 29 years of aviation experience, serves as Chief Engineer. The two of them, and son Evan, have done most of the design work and testing of the Angel.

AAC certificated in 1992 its eight-seat Model 44 Angel STOL missionary, executive and utility aircraft. The first Angel has flown over 3,000 hours and has been as far East as Turkey, South to Chile, and North of the Arctic Circle.

There are two aspects to the business behind The Angel: First, The Kings Engineering Fellowship (TKEF) was formed to design and develop the aircraft. It was created as a non-profit organization and, through donations, was able to raise funds for the research and development of the aircraft. Since certification of the Angel in 1992, TKEF has continued to make design improvements to the aircraft, and continues to rely on tax-deductible, donated support.

The second business aspect is the Angel Aircraft Corporation (AAC), a for-profit company created to manufacture and sell the Angel. AAC based in Orange City, Iowa in the USA, working out of a 14,000 sq. ft. facility but is looking to relocate to a larger facility. The planned new facility would be able to produce 20 to 30 aircraft per year in the beginning stages, with an expansion plan that would allow up to 50 aircraft per year.

The King's Engineering Fellowship (TKEF) designed the Angel specially to be suitable for missionary use from short, rough airstrips. Angel Aircraft Corporation (ACC) is licensed to manufacture and market Angels to anyone, however, and pays TKEF a fair market engineering royalty fee on each Angel it sells.





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