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Antonov An-32


AN-32 Firebomber

The An-24 was developed into the An-26 (freighter), the An-30 (survey/photo) and the An-32 (hot and high version). A short/medium-range twin-turboprop transport first flown July 1976, the An-32 has almost twice the installed power of the An-24.



Delivery of 95 An-32s to India, where it is known as the Sutlej, began in July 1984, to replace C-47 Dakotas and C-119 Packets. Peru became the third customer for the An-32, placing an order for 22 to replace its fleet of An-26s. Deliveries began with the first five aircraft in May 1987.



Engine: 2 x Ivchenko AI-20DM turboprop.
Installed pwr: 7720 kW.
Span: 29.2 m.
Length: 23.7 m.
Wing area: 75 sq.m.
MTOW: 27,000 kg.
Payload: 6700 kg.
Cruise speed: 530 kph.
Ceiling: 9000 m.
T/O run: 760 m.
Ldg run: 470 m.
Fuel internal: 5500 lt.
Range/payload: 800 km with 6700 kg.
Capacity: 39 pax.

Engine: 2 x Iwtshenko AI-20M, 4133 shp
Length: 78.084 ft / 23.8 m
Height: 28.15 ft / 8.58 m
Wingspan: 95.801 ft / 29.2 m
Wing area: 807.3 sqft / 75.0 sq.m
Max take off weight: 57330.0 lb / 26000.0 kg
Cruising speed: 275 kts / 510 km/h
Service ceiling: 31168 ft / 9500 m
Wing load: 71.14 lb/sq.ft / 347.00 kg/sq.m
Range: 1188 nm / 2200 km
Range (max. weight): 432 nm / 800 km
Crew: 5
Payload: 39 Pax


Engines: 2 x ZMKB Progress AI-20D Series 5 turboprop, 5,042ehp
Length: 78.08ft (23.8m)
Wingspan: 95.80ft (29.20m)
Height: 28.71ft (8.75m)
Empty Weight: 37,038lbs (16,800kg)
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 59,525lbs (27,000kg)
Maximum Speed: 329mph (530kmh; 286kts)
Maximum Range: 1,566miles (2,520km)
Service Ceiling: 30,840ft (9,400m)
Accommodation: 3


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